My First Year, Now Henning’s

My first year as Brookview’s pastor got a check mark on Palm Sunday. That afternoon we celebrated in the fellowship hall with garlic bread and spaghetti. Only a small amount ended up on my white dress shirt, and no one noticed. I hope people did notice my extreme happiness, an emotion I could not have estimated just over a year ago, rising not so much out of accomplishment as of gratitude. My whole life I’ve been unlucky, the last person in the world who should be feeding himself marinara sauce in his Sunday best, but I have always transcended fortune and chance with the heavenly blessings of, first, my mom and dad and siblings; then of my all around gifted, energetic, beautiful wife; now of this supportive, loving church; and very soon of the arrival of baby Henning, who will emerge into a community and a family that brim with possibility, energy, and security.

And so, if I haven’t told you already ten thousand times, members and friends of Brookview –– thank you.

– Joseph